About NCNCD, China CDC

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About NCNCD, China CDC

The National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention (hereafter abbreviated as NCNCD), under the direct jurisdiction of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (hereafter abbreviated as China CDC), was established in January 23, 2002. By the end of March of 2012, there are total of 48 permanent staffs working in four administrative offices and seven professional departments in NCNCD. Under the leadership of China CDC, NCNCD serves as a national professional institution and also as a national technical instruction center for NCD and injury prevention and control.

Missions of NCNCD :

l To provide scientific evidence/consultation for development of policies and regulations on NCD and injury prevention and control;

l To define national plan, strategies and technical standards for major NCDs and injury prevention and control, and to organize the implementation;

l To establish national surveillance system and data base for NCD and injury;

l To conduct national surveys on national health and some specific surveys on major NCDs and injury;

l To guide and technically support provincial CDCs on NCD and injury prevention and control ;

l To conduct scientific researches and information collection, analysis and utilization, and to organize academic training.

Major tasks:

1. To carry out national work on NCD & injury prevention and control;

2. To establish an integrated surveillance system monitoring NCD morbidity, prevalence, mortality and injury and the trends as well as related risk factors;

3. To study and develop population-based intervention tools and appropriate technology and take the lead to scale up best practice and be responsible for effect evaluation.

4. To provide technical guidance on NCD and injury prevention and control for the CDC system and organize trainings for skill building;

5. To Establish and maintain national NCD and Injury information system, and promoting information resource sharing and communication;

6. To conduct population-based cohort for NCD and injury and conducting etiological studies;

7. To undertake national special surveys on major NCDs and Injury;

8. To carry out policy and disease burden researches on NCD and Injury; evaluate the intervention measures and strategies of NCD and Injury; provide technical supports for developing national policies;

9. To ally with international/national organizations by technological exchanges and cooperation on NCD and Injury prevention and contorl; .

10. To accomplish other tasks assigned by the higher authority.

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